‘END OF THE EURO!’ Juncker warns Italy budget could DESTROY common currency

Jean-Claude Juncker/Matteo Salvini (Image: GETTY) ITALY could bring down the eurozone if it pushes through its controversial budget for 2019, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has warned. The cash-strapped country’s new populist coalition government is threatening to rip up previous budget agreements with Brussels and aim instead for a public deficit of 2.4 per cent... Continue Reading →

The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun

Get ready for another major worldwide credit crunch. Today, the entire global financial system resembles a colossal spiral of debt. Just about all economic activity involves the flow of credit in some way, and so the only way to have “economic growth” is to introduce even more debt into the system. When the system started... Continue Reading →

North Korea Preparing To Create New `Financial Industry’

http://emergingequity.org/2015/02/07/north-korea-preparing-to-create-new-financial-industry/ North Korea is in the process of creating a new financial services industry and is preparing to roll out new financial products that include new forms of savings accounts, business loans, and credit cards in an effort to stimulate economic development, newspaper Chosun Sinbo reports. According to Chosun Sinbo, a newspaper of the DPRK-affiliated Korean... Continue Reading →

The New Global Economy: The Rise Of China And Decline Of The U.S.

http://emergingequity.org/2015/01/28/the-new-global-economy-the-rise-of-china-and-decline-of-the-u-s/ There is a limit to economic manipulations by empires. All empires have perished due to economic hardships. The Ottoman, Soviet and the British empires were no exception in the past century. Waste was the key product of these empires. Whether the only empire – the US – understands it or not, the fact is... Continue Reading →

‘Financial Meteorologists’ And Their Political Predictions About The Russian Economic Storm

http://emergingequity.org/2015/01/18/financial-meteorologists-and-their-political-predictions-about-the-russian-economic-storm Credit rating agencies are predicting quite a storm for the Russian economy, and they are therefore threatening to lower the country’s status to ‘junk’ level. Just as a weatherman may be incorrect about their storm predictions, so too may a ‘financial meteorologist’, except the latter has ulterior motives in doing so. S&P has joined... Continue Reading →

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