Darkness falls upon America and secrecy fills the air as Democrats cement their coup – more signs Covid 19 was an act of war to help the globalists bring in their ‘New World Order’

While according to Ian Birrell in this December story over at the Daily Mail, Americans may never find out the truth about China and their ties to this ‘pandemic’ that has led to the ‘ravaging’ of small businesses in America, the fact that two inquiries… Read More ›

Leftists planned riots to frame patriots, public opinion has awakened and justice will prevail

Summary: Leftists arrange Antifa members to disguise as Trump supporters to storm Congress, McConnell sentences patriots as thugs before trial, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously silence Trump, U.S. doomsday planes take off, and Trump activates the National Guard. (Article republished from


All in one day. As America writhes in agony over the electoral college, Democrats find time to play gender madness. First the gender madness: Democrat leaders, who are no longer male or female—are also no longer animal, vegetable, or mineral. They… Read More ›