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Prepare: Pentagon Warns of Major Incoming Cyberattacks.

Cyber experts have warned that within the next two or three weeks, the U.S. and other countries may face an even more widespread and damaging infrastructure cyberattack. Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in a Pentagon briefing that there has been a “2,000 percent increase in Russian trolls in the […]

Cyberattack Aftershock Feared as U.S. Warns of Its Complexity

The components of the global cyberattack that seized hundreds of thousands of computer systems last week may be more complex than originally believed, a Trump administration official said Sunday, and experts warned that the effects of the malicious software could linger for some time. As a new workweek started […]

Thousands of ransomware cyberattacks reported worldwide

A ransomware virus is reported to be spreading aggressively around the globe, with over 50,000 computers having been targeted. The virus infects computer files and then demands money to unblock them. An increase in activity of the malware was noticed starting from 8am CET (07:00 GMT) Friday, security software […]

Australian government injects $230m into cyber defences

The federal government will spend hundreds of millions of dollars defending Australia from foreign cyber attacks including from countries like China. And for the first time, the government has revealed it employs offensive cyber capabilities to deter possible attacks – which could mean employing hackers to disrupt activities overseas. Prime […]