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NATO Ratchets up Tensions in the Baltic

NATO is on the move again, conducting a military BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) exercise in Ustka, Poland just west of the border from Kaliningrad in Russia. This could be viewed as a direct provocation towards Russia. The increase in tension caused by such close-border exercises is justified by NATO blaming […]

Russia Is Becoming Awfully Comfortable with Nuclear War

Russia Is Becoming Awfully Comfortable with Nuclear War – thedailysheeple.com byJoshua Krause After emerging from his 11 day disappearing act, Putin marked the occasion with several provocative moves. For starters, he ordered 40,000 troops in Western and Northern Russia to be on full alert for a “readiness exercise.” […]

Russia’s roadmap for annexing eastern Ukraine ‘leaked from Vladimir Putin’s office’

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russias-roadmap-for-annexing-eastern-ukraine-leaked-from-vladimir-putins-office-10069203.html Moscow has been planning to annex parts of Ukraine for more than 12 months, according to sensational claims made in a Russian newspaper. Vladimir Putin’s office reportedly compiled a detailed roadmap of how a “pro-Russian drift” could allow it to seize Crimea and some eastern provinces, just a […]