SHOCKING: Non-sedated human beings “scream with all their might in sheer agony,” China’s on-demand organ harvesting of millions of “fresh and alive” human beings confirmed

 Imagine a world in which political dissidents are imprisoned, brainwashed, and tortured by the millions in order to reeducate them or steal their organs–while they are still alive–before being killed.  This isn’t a horror movie by Eli Roth.  You don’t have to imagine anything.  It is going on in China this very day, and it... Continue Reading →

Australian politician investigated on return from ISIS battle zone

The former president of Australia’s Northern Territory Labor Party has been detained at Darwin airport after returning from Syria’s theater of war, where he allegedly fought the Islamic State alongside Kurdish self-defense forces. Matthew Gardiner, 43, was questioned by Australian Federal Police (AFP) and later released without charges being brought against him. “The AFP can confirm that... Continue Reading →

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