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Tinfoil: It’s Getting Harder To Leave Home Without It

It used to be when someone mentioned the term “tinfoil cap wearing,” “conspiracy theorist,” “lunatic fringe,” etc, etc., it was usually in reference to a subset of individuals or groups that resided in some dark corners or basements believing “mind control” went far beyond just propaganda. i.e., It […]


Recently, the Flat Earth movement has gained steam, and even more popularity, with the rap artist B.o.B saying he has proof that NASA has faked the Earth theory, and that the Earth is actually flat. The controversy took off, and there were thousands of comments, people trying to prove […]

Arrested ISIS Recruiter Worked for Canadian Intelligence

Arrested ISIS Recruiter Worked for Canadian Intelligence -cuttothetruth.wordpress.com By Olan Thomas Canada’s Jordanian embassy — run by Bruno Saccomani, former RCMP officer and head of Stephen Harper’s security detail, handpicked by Harper two-years back to run the embassy in Amman, Jordan and look after affairs in Iraq— is […]