Moscow will respond to NATO approaching Russian borders ‘accordingly’ – Putin

If NATO threatens Russia’s territories Moscow will respond to the threat accordingly, said President Vladimir Putin. This comes after he announced Russia's strategic forces will be getting over 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2015. “If someone threatens our territories, it means that we will have to aim our armed forces accordingly at the territories from... Continue Reading →

Australian politician investigated on return from ISIS battle zone

The former president of Australia’s Northern Territory Labor Party has been detained at Darwin airport after returning from Syria’s theater of war, where he allegedly fought the Islamic State alongside Kurdish self-defense forces. Matthew Gardiner, 43, was questioned by Australian Federal Police (AFP) and later released without charges being brought against him. “The AFP can confirm that... Continue Reading →

‘Unprecedented & dangerous step’: Russia slams NATO troop build-up

Russia has hit out at an ‘unprecedented’ NATO military build-up along its eastern border. A military spokesman says this clearly violates a Russia-NATO treaty, which forbids the alliance from permanently stationing troops in the Baltic States. The Russian Foreign Ministry has declared NATO’s encroachment as an unprecedented violation of the Russia-NATO founding act, which was signed... Continue Reading →

Russia exposes U.S. Anti Russian agenda, threat to world stability and peace

‘Clearly anti-Russian’ – Moscow blasts latest US national security strategy - The recently approved US National Security Strategy for 2015 has a clear anti-Russian orientation, according to analysis released by Russia’s Security Council (SC). “The analysis of the strategy conducted by specialists of the Security Council of the Russian Federation indicates that compared to the... Continue Reading →

Nigerian Army Recaptures 36 Towns From Boko Haram

Nigerian Army Recaptures 36 Towns From Boko By Emmanuel Kendemeh The Nigerian government says 36 towns have been recaptured from the Boko Haram terrorist group since the start of the Nigerian, Nigerien, Chadian and Cameroonian offensive against the terrorist group, The Wall Street Journal reported. Four towns have been retaken since Friday, March 6, 2015,... Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia becomes world’s biggest arms importer

Saudi Arabia becomes world’s biggest arms importer - worldnewsreport The Japan Times News LONDON – Saudi Arabia passed India to become the world’s biggest arms importer last year as concerns about Iran’s ambitions increase tensions in the Middle East. Saudi spending rose 54 percent to $6.5 billion last year, while India imported $5.8 billion, according to... Continue Reading →

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