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California governor bans singing in church

Leftist governors across the country have taken advantage of the coronavirus lockdown procedures by banning most church assemblies – even while allowing other groups to meet. The double standard has been especially obvious in recent days as many of them openly have advocated for the masses of Black Lives […]

The Holy Spirit Not Human Abilities

I have reason to suspect that many people are trying to give leadership in Christian churches today without ever having yielded to the wise and effective leading of the Holy Spirit. He truly is the Spirit of wisdom, understanding and counsel. He alone can bring the gracious presence […]


The word “church” isn’t found in Rev. 4-19. Many claim this is proof of a pretribulation Rapture. But is it? One of our regular readers suggested I do an article on this topic because it frequently comes up in discussions of rapture timing. The vast majority of rapture “proofs” don’t […]

Why 30 Million Are Fed Up With Today’s Church

Approximately 30 million people are “done” with today’s church, according to new research by sociologist Dr. Josh Packard, but they aren’t necessarily done with God. “They are giving up on an institution that they experience as irrelevant if not an impediment to their spiritual growth. While space does not […]