Was the Emperor Constantine a True Christian or Was He a Secret Pagan?

Baptism-of-ConstantineConstantine the Great is known in history as the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. However, legends and archaeological evidence suggest a different story– it seems that Constantine had a secret about his faith which was hidden for centuries.  Constantine built many churches. He celebrated the faith in one (Christian) God and his son Jesus by creating many of the greatest churches of the world, including: St. Peter’s in Rome, The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, The Eleona on the Mount of Olives, The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and others. Read More

Schlafly: ‘Gay marriage’ advocates want to ‘wipe out’ Christianity

gay-marriageHave you noticed that it’s Christian bakers, florists, photographers and pizza makers who are in targeted for declining to promote same-sex ceremonies, even though other religions reject “gay marriage,” too? Conservative  icon Phyllis Schlafly has noticed, and she sees the double standard as part of a desire by “gay marriage” advocates to destroy Christianity. “They want to wipe out the Christian religion,” Schlafly said in an interview Monday on CRN’s “Talkback with Chuck Wilder.” She noted most other religions do not recognize same-sex marriage. Read Article


Poll Shows Record Number Of Americans Turning Their Backs On Christianity, Are Ripe For The Coming Of Antichrist

th-1The share of U.S. residents who identify as Christian has shrunk over the past seven years while adults unaffiliated with organized religion now represent a larger portion of the public, a poll released on Tuesday found. Between 2007 and 2014, the number of adults who self-identified as Christian fell from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent, or 172.8 million people, driven mainly by drops among Roman Catholics and some Protestants, according to the Pew Research Center poll. Non-religious U.S. adults who identify as atheist, agnostic or of no particular faith have seen their ranks swell over that same time period by about 6 percentage points to 22.8 percent of the population, or 56 million people.Read Article

Source: skywatchtv.com

Huckabee: ‘We Are Moving Rapidly Toward the Criminalization of Christianity’

6874173211_e2a60bc65c_b-e1430282836590The persecution of Christians because of their moral opposition to homosexual behavior and so-called gay marriage is on the rise in America, to the point where “Christian convictions are under attack as never before” and “we are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity,” said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is also an ordained Southern Baptist minister. During an Apr. 23 conference call with conservative pastors arranged by the Family Research Council (FRC), Gov. Huckabee and FRC President Tony Perkins talked about persecution of Christians in the U.S. military, in the business world, and how homosexuality as a “civil right” and same-sex marriage are affecting the social and legal climate. Read Article

Christians are leaving the faith in droves and the trend isn’t slowing down

thAn extensive study done by the Pew Research Center has yielded some fascinating information regarding the trajectory of world religions over the next four decades. As of 2010, Christianity was the dominant world religion with roughly 2.2 billion adherents and Muslim’s were second with about 1.6 billion adherents. If current demographic trends continue however, Islam is expected to catch up to Christianity midway through the 21st century. Read Article

Judgment Will Start in the House of God

church-with-red-yellow-skyIt’s no surprise that the church, and our nation, desperately need to hear “the voice of one crying in the wilderness” to awaken, convict and restore. It was not so long ago that we were concerned about “the fall of America.” America cannot fall because she has already fallen. We are now picking up the pieces of a broken nation. America’s moral heartbeat ceases when we cut off the source of life. We need resuscitation, renewal and revival. I’m convinced that the majority of the churches in America are seeking to please the masses rather than convict. Repentance is rarely sought and sin is often excused. We want to build a church rather than break a heart. This leaves people confused and deceived because we teach and live a form of Christianity void of repentance … void of truth. This article will offend those going against truth. Read Article

God and Math Prove That Nothing is Greater Than the Love of God

God and Math Prove That Nothing is Greater Than the Love of God – darrellcreswellwordpress.com

by Darrell creswell


In this verse we read “For by him all things were created”. This verse tells us tells us the origin of math. It tells us God created all things. The word “all” includes everything, even math. How does math work? It works by God. In the next verse we read, “In Him all things hold together”. Math is precise, because God holds it all together. Mathematical truths are real only because they are not the product of the human mind, but of the divine mind. It was God who had invented math and it is He who has placed mathematical laws on the universe. For humanity, mathematics is a matter of discovery, rather than invention. As we learn the absolute consistency of math we know that an absolute consistent God is the inventor of that truth.

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