Breaking: PizzaGate Money Trail Leads To McCain

Published on Jun 5, 2017

The McCain Institute claims it exists to fight human trafficking, but despite receiving millions in donations from Saudi Arabia, the Rothschilds, and Bloomberg, it has been revealed that none of the money was spent on fighting human trafficking. Funds from the McCain Presidential Campaign were also quietly funneled into the McCain Institute’s coffers raising the possibility the Institute exists as a money laundering front. David Zublick reveals the horrible truth in this special report!

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The Deep State vs. the Republic- Your Life Depends on Who Wins

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Leading the Fight Against the Deep State. The Battleground Is Child Sex Trafficking.

It has long been my contention that the Deep State is mired in three crimes that defines the essence of it existence and these crimes are (1) drug trafficking, (2) gunrunning to terrorists and, (3) child-sex-trafficking. The one crime that would arouse the public and demand criminal prosecution would be the latter. What’s wrong with America, in large part, is the Deep State. The way to unravel the Deep State and protect the Trump Presidency is to expose the organized pedophilia of the Deep State. To that end, Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General is a man on a mission……..Read More

((BOMBSHELL!)) What Do Seth Rich, Comey, Clinton and Pedogate Have In Common? Deep State Kryptonite

Published on May 18, 2017

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Our Leaders’ Pedophilia Is on Display – The Whole World Is Watching

Evil_Within-656x1024Dave Hodges:  None of that “God-stuff” for me is a frequent refrain of people who visit websites like the one you are on now as you read the following article. For the more secular among us, you cannot deny that the evil of many of our leaders is on display for all to see, or all who have the courage to see. One would have to be afflicted with the worst case of cognitive dissonance to not see what is happening and is unfolding right before our eyes. The globalist-serving minions in Congress are desperately trying to remove President Trump over some mythical allegations connected to treason. Why? Because they see the inevitable coming. Soon, those who with horribly depraved life-styles, one that involves victimizing children, will soon be held accountable. Continue reading “Our Leaders’ Pedophilia Is on Display – The Whole World Is Watching”

Why Comey Lied About Huma Abedin

Published on May 10, 2017

Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time
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Deep State Running Scared – AG Sessions Has Clinton, Comey, Lynch and Holder in His Sights