CERN is considering SHUTTING DOWN most of its particle accelerators and ‘idling’ the Large Hadron Collider in response to Europe’s energy crisis

Europe's energy crisis is being felt by everyone - including the scientists working deep underground in Switzerland at the Large Hadron Collider. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, is even considering taking its particle accelerators offline. This is due to the accelerators' high energy demands, and the organisation's desire to keep the region's electricity grid... Continue Reading →


  The opening included an “artistic” outdoor performance filled with occult and obscene acts and dances. The devil exultantly wove in and out among the other dancers – also demonic figures and semi-nude “workers.”  And at the end of this repugnant travesty, the officials and heads of State applauded and gave a standing ovation.

China’s Massive Particle Accelerator –“Could Create a Phase Transition That Rips the Very Fabric of Spacetime”

China is building a particle accelerator that will be twice as large and seven times as powerful as CERN’s LHC and astrophysicist, Martin Rees, famous for his contributions to black hole formation to extragalactic radio sources and the evolution of the universe, thinks that there’s a chance the colliders could cause a “catastrophe that engulfs... Continue Reading →

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