Googles Secret Patent A Weapon For Antichrist – The Vampire Watch

The mark of the beast is truly coming about right before our very eyes. Google recently patented a device which is worse than the RFID chip and could easily be considered the actual Mark of the Beast called the Vampire Watch. What was quietly patented in 2014 by Google has only recently been revealed. It is a well-known fact that Google works hand in hand with the United States government, and it is no surprise that Google will play a major role in the downfall of mankind. Google is a wicked machine which seeks the destruction of freedom and the destruction of man……..Read More


IMG_0407.JPGThe top brass of CERN, which operates the the largest particle collider in the world, is attending Bilderberg this year, rekindling fears CERN will cause unfathomable changes to human civilization and may even lead to parallel dimensions. Fabiola Gianotti, the Director General of CERN, is an unusual participant at the elitist meeting known mainly for shaping geopolitical events, but CERN does have a strange relationship with the elite – and its collider has been criticized for harnessing too much power humanity can handle. The collider reportedly generates a magnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than that of Earth’s, a concern because human and animal biology, particularly the pineal gland, interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field……..Read More

Night Of The PALANTIR Crystal Ball w/Anthony Patch

Published on May 25, 2017

We are joined by Anthony Patch to go over the strange photograph the emerged of Donald Trump placing his hands on a crystal ball whilst visiting Saudi Arabia. We explain how this all ties into the NWO control system & how Palantir Technologies are THE company used by the intelligence world to make sense of the vast amounts of data gathered on each of us and everything else in any given minute of any day. Johnny makes an amazing connection between the Trump visit to the Vatican and the Black Pope via the strange black attire worn by Melania & Ivanka Trump during their meet with the Pope.  All this and so much more from Anthony Patch & the KBS team

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Strangelet Day with Anthony Patch

Published on May 8, 2017

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  • STRANGELETS – Quark Gluon Condensate/Plasma, around immediately after the Big Bang.
  • Previously, 2015, Brookhaven Labs reports QGC production at 10TeV, however we now find it could be at levels as low as 4TeV, meaning “strangelets have been produced at CERN for years!… CLICK HERE!
  • CERN always denied QGC production of any kind until only recently, as we reported… CLICK HERE!
  • Further research shows that research into strangelets dates back to the 1970’s!
  • Strangelets will be used to rip the fabric of space & time to open the “portals” that even the scientists at CERN openly talk about
  • Strangelets will also be talked about as replacing what scientists refer to as “dark matter”.
  • Elon Musk Gigafactories – just what is the purpose for these mega-factories?
  • Nazi bell & ley lines
  • Planetary scale terraforming, earthquakes & time changes
  • Sun rising on the wrong day… CLICK HERE!
  • Planet X/Planet Nine… CLICK HERE!
  • Mind control via quantum spin
  • D-Wave quantum computers & their role in all of this.
  • The Mandela Effect or Experiment?? Fiona Broome, owner of website was warned off reporting on the effects as it was affecting the outcome of an experiment!…. CLICK HERE

Everything You Need To Know About CERN AWAKE Experiment with Anthony Patch

The Age of Quantum Computing Has Arrived

IMG_0307.JPGThe Beast System  Is Upon Us

Marshall McLuhan, a media theorist of the past generation, once said, “The computer is the most extraordinary of man’s technological clothing…beside it, the wheel is a mere hula hoop.” Next to quantum computers, perhaps our classical computers will look like simple gameboys. Quantum computers use the principles of quantum physics to perform calculations impossible for a classical computer to handle to accurately because of their delicacy, intricacy, or multifaceted nature. So, how do they work? In classical computing, a single piece of information is called a “bit” and is either a 1 or a 0. The two properties quantum computers use to disrupt this binary are “quantum superposition” and “quantum entanglement.” Quantum superpostion allows quantum bits (“qubits”) to be a 0 and 1 simultaneously. Quantum entanglement entwines multiple qubits, allowing for a greater number of calculations……Read More

Scientists Have Set a Limit For Quantum Entanglement – And It’s Really Freaking Powerful

Everything You Need To Know About CERN AWAKE Experiment – Osiris, Nimrod DNA Resurrection and More with Anthony Patch

Published on May 9, 2017
Anthony Patch joins us to mark the re-start of the AWAKE Plasma Accelerator at CERN. Just what is this AWAKE device? What makes it different from the particle accelerators we already have? What impact, if any, will it have on your life? And, just what are Shiva Lingas all about?

Well, for the answers to all these questions & a full history of the science, join us on The Kev Baker Show Ep#712 with Anthony Patch!

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Occult Rituals, True Quantum Entanglement & Time SOLVED!

Published on May 1, 2017