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As if wildfires and covid weren’t bad enough! ‘Earthquake swarm’ of at least three tremors rattles California for the SECOND time in three days amid fears the state could suffer a catastrophic ‘big one’

At least three small tremors rattled California on Tuesday for the second time in three days, leaving residents fearful that a much larger earthquake is inevitable.  The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that a 2.7 magnitude earthquake with a depth of 4.5km hit Milpitas around 8.16am Tuesday morning.  Ten minutes […]

California governor bans singing in church

Leftist governors across the country have taken advantage of the coronavirus lockdown procedures by banning most church assemblies – even while allowing other groups to meet. The double standard has been especially obvious in recent days as many of them openly have advocated for the masses of Black Lives […]

California Shaken With 6 Earthquakes 3.5 M & Greater

California was shaking again today as it was shaken by six earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.5 and greater. A magnitude 4.3 earthquake shook the San Francisco Bay area at 1:11 p.m. Tuesday. Then four minutes later, a magnitude 4.5 quake hit near Ridgecrest, which, earlier this month, was rattled by […]