Storm chaos to SMASH Britain: Brian hurtling towards UK

Gales of up to 80mph will rage throughout today, sparking warnings of flying debris, travel chaos and coastal flooding. The Army was on standby as the Environment Agency issued 32 flood alerts and two more serious flood warnings urging “immediate action”. Safety campaigners have advised elderly and vulnerable people to stay indoors. While the strength of the wind will be the rain and huge waves whipped up during high tides threaten coastal regions. Some 1,200 troops are at the ready with Brian threatening worse chaos than former hurricane Ophelia’s assault on the west coast on Monday…..Read More

National Security Expert: Month Of U.K Terror with Possible Attacks Starting this Bank Holiday Weekend

650464_1-1JIHADI extremists in Britain are plotting to “go out in a blaze of glory” with a wave of terror attacks planned to start this Bank Holiday weekend, a national security expert has warned. Mr Phillips said the beginning of Ramadan was the most likely time for a terror attack Chris Phillips, the former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, urged UK citizens to keep on their guard this weekend, and for the next month. He told the Daily Star: “ISIS positively encourage followers to concentrate their efforts during this time. “I would encourage everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicions to the police.”……..Read More

Terror Attack Imminent! Britain in Lockdown Army Deploys 1,000 Heavily Armed Soldiers

Britain took the unprecedented step of deploying hundreds of soldiers to patrol the streets of London today as the country woke up to a heightened terror threat following the Manchester suicide bombing. Around 1,000 heavily-armed military personnel from the Royal Artillery, Paratroop and Irish Guards regiments are outside the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and other UK landmarks after Theresa May warned that a fresh terror attack may be ‘imminent’…….Read More


Britain on alert for second attack as Manchester suicide bomber named

IMG_0345The man suspected of carrying out Britain’s deadliest bombing in nearly 12 years was named as Salman Abedi, aged 22, a student at the University of Salford, near Manchester City Centre. This morning British Prime Minister Theresa May said there was a possibility Abedi was part of a wider network and said the country’s terror alert level was being upgraded to “critical”. ……..Read More

How mums and dads helped their kids escape the carnage in Manchester

West Steps Up Pressure On Russia Over Syria, Assad Allies Threaten To Respond To ‘Aggression’

IMG_0087The United States and Britain kave stepped up pressure on Russia to rein in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as Damascus’s allies vowed to respond to any “aggression” against Syria. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in an interview with ABC’s This Week program aired on April 9 that in meetings next week in Moscow, he will call upon the Russian government to live up to a 2013 agreement that was intended to strip Syria of its chemical-weapons stockpiles. “It agreed to be the guarantor of the elimination of the chemical weapons, and why Russia has not been able to achieve that is unclear to me,” said Tillerson, who is to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on April 12………Read More


Are these the battle lines for World War Three?

IMG_0079.JPGThe US airstrikes on a Syrian regime airbase have hardened the dividing lines across the world in regards to the Assad regime. MailOnline has set out world leaders’ positions on the conflict, which clearly shows the split between pro and anti-Assad countries. It suggests which side of the battle line countries would position themselves on should the escalating crisis turn into an all out global conflict.  Britain, Israel, Canada, France, Germany and Turkey all spoke out strongly in their condemnation of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, following the strikes on Friday. Meanwhile, Russia has blasted the US, with the country’s UN envoy accusing President Trump of ‘violating international law’ by firing at an airbase near Homs.  Britain and Israel today specifically praised Trump’s airstrikes, which took place in the wake of a deadly poison gas attack on a rebel-held town in Syria. This puts them at odds with countries including Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Algeria and Venezuela, who have all shown their support for Assad in the past.  France and Germany today said that Assad bears ‘sole responsibility’ for the US strike…..Read More



U.N. human rights forum to hold special session on Aleppo on Friday

A rebel fighter stands near a Turkish tank as it fires towards Guzhe village, northern Aleppo countrysideThe U.N. Human Rights Council will hold a special session on the worsening situation in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday after a formal request from Britain, a United Nations statement said. Britain made the request on behalf of a core group of 11 Western and Arab countries, including the United States and regional powers backing Syrian rebel forces. Britain’s letter to the 47-member forum said the special session was needed “following the most recent deterioration of the human rights situation in Aleppo, and the failure of the Assad regime and its allies to fulfil their international human rights commitments”, the U.N. statement said. Read More