Microchipping Humans: First They Traded Freedom For Security, Now It’s Privacy For Convenience

If a steel truth exists in decades of technological innovation, it rests firmly in the convenience provided society — indeed, while the mother of invention had long been named necessity, a prodigious marketplace bolstered iniquitously by acceptance of planned obsolescence ensured materialism had supplanted anything honorable as the true American Way. Whether society’s placating soma of... Continue Reading →

Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide: Tomorrow’s Biometrics Will Scan Your Eyes, Hands, Ears, Heart, And Even Track You Down Through Your Scent Like A Bloodhound

Apple’s fingerprint recognition is on the home button – the button most users hit many times a day. It’s meant biometrics have become about convenience rather than just security, which is speeding up acceptance. It also significantly reduces fraud as applications can send out small challenges to the user anytime and get a confirmation that... Continue Reading →

MasterCard, First Tech FCU To Pilot Biometric Identification Program For Buying & Selling

MasterCard, First Tech FCU to pilot biometric identification program- biometricupdate.com By Stephen Mayhew First Tech Federal Credit Union and MasterCard will introduced a pilot program later this year that enables First Tech FCU members to authorize their financial transactions via biometric identification, according to a report by Credit Union Times. “We are extremely pleased that... Continue Reading →

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