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Australia: ALL 6.4 million Victorians could soon be back in lockdown if state’s coronavirus cases continue to rise – as NSW threatens to JAIL people from hot spot suburbs who cross the border

The entire state of Victoria could be forced back into lockdown if the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to rise. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Wednesday morning the whole state could be shutdown if the localised lockdowns, which began at midnight, did not stop the spread of […]

Boomerangs to A-bombs: Australia debates acquiring nukes

Facing a wobbly ally in the United States and an increasingly bellicose China, Australia’s military strategists are cautiously debating whether the country needs to consider developing its own nuclear deterrent. For a long time, the country’s defense forces had relatively little to worry about. A century-old alliance with the United […]

REVEALED: How an earthquake 11,109km away in CHILE could trigger a tsunami big enough to strike Sydney – as experts warn it’s only a matter of time until it happens

An earthquake as far away as Chile could trigger a tsunami big enough to strike Sydney, experts have warned. The South American nation lies roughly just over 11,109km away from Australia’s east coast city of Sydney. But this hasn’t stopped tidal waves caused by seismic activity in Chile hitting […]