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SpaceX, Christianity, And Atheistic Transhumanism

SpaceX’s stated goal is to make off-world travel more affordable, but Musk has deeper, more science-fiction-like ambitions, including seeding the human species on other planets. In addition to SpaceX and (of course) Tesla, he founded a company called Neuralink to “develop ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans […]

Next war to be run by AI, says congressional report

Few could argue with a straight face that in the last year, the media haven’t been engaged in all-out war against the Trump administration. They try to undermine his presidency, with the obvious goal of removing him from office. In response, Trump blasts “fake news,” and last weekend he […]

The birth of the AI supersoldier:

The US Army is using AI to try and give soldiers super-learning capabilities. The experimental system would allow American troops to analyse new information far faster than they can at the moment. Initial tests have found U.S. Soldiers can learn 13 times faster than conventional methods using the system…..More   […]