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Scientists see apocalypse coming soon

apocalyptic beliefs about the end of the world have, historically, been the subject of religious speculation, they are increasingly common among some of the leading scientists today. This is a worrisome fact, given that science is based not on faith and private revelation, but on observation and empirical […]

Apocalypse Now: ISIS Establishing Nuclear Caliphate

In the latest edition of its propaganda rag, the Islamic State says it has enough cash to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan and smuggle it into the U.S. through Mexico. This is the sum of all fears, and it’s not overblown. The new issue of “Dabiq,” IS’ English-language […]

Apocalypse Age of Ultron: Could It Really Happen?

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, And Ex Machina Director Say Be Afraid. Be Very, Very Afraid As geeks and comic enthusiasts alike crowded theater entrances Thursday night, salivating for apocalypse and Avengers: Age of Ultron, the question on every butter-coated lip was could it really happen. Stories of caped […]