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Europe: The morally bankrupt union

Europe: The morally bankrupt union – Puppet Masters – by Raul Ilargi Meijer – The Market Oracle The European Union is busy accomplishing something truly extraordinary: it is fast becoming such a spectacular failure that people don’t even recognize it as… Read More ›

Germany faces impossible choice as Greek austerity revolt spreads The political centre across southern Europe is disintegrating. Establishment parties of centre-left and centre-right – La Casta, as they say in Spain – have successively immolated themselves enforcing EMU debt-deflation. Spain’s neo-Bolivarian Podemos party refuses to fade. It has endured… Read More ›

Angela Merkel faces moment of truth as war and default threaten Europe’s unity After almost a decade as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel faces a moment of truth as a resurgent Russia and fed-up Greeks challenge her blueprint for Europe’s future. As bloodshed in eastern Ukraine escalates and the new Greek government rejects austerity… Read More ›