British leftist group claims Amazon “doesn’t discriminate enough” against Christians

A leftist group from the United Kingdom claims that technology giant Amazon is not excluding enough Christian organizations from its platforms. British organization openDemocracy attacked the Jeff Bezos-owned firm for allowing Christian nonprofits to use its AmazonSmile charity donation program. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), American Center for Law and Justice and Human Life International are... Continue Reading →

Brace Yourself For The Battle Of Your Life Coming Soon

Think About It The Bible is matching up to exactly what we're witnessing in our society today. Where will it end and how far will the lawlessness extend before something explodes? It's already getting serious and people are being attacked simply for their views. Image Credit:

Explosive Report: Chinese Infiltration Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA

But in a game-changing report published Thursday morning, Bloomberg Businessweek exposed a sprawling multi-year investigation into China's infiltration of US corporate and defense infrastructure. Most notably, it confirmed that, in addition to efforts designed to sway US elections, China's intelligence community orchestrated a pervasive infiltration of servers used to power everything from MRI machines to... Continue Reading →

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