Al-Qaeda’s 7 Step Plan: Total Confrontation in 2016

al-qaeda-440x377Al-Qaeda’s 7 step plan formed in the 90s: from 2010 Arab governments will be toppled, in 2013 an Islamic state shall appear, 2016 is time Al-Qaeda-320for “total confrontation”

This 20 year, 7 step plan by Al-Qaeda was first disclosed in 1996 by Al-Qaeda leaders to the Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein. Hussein met Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi while they were both in a Jordanian jail (Fouad was a political prisoner). Al-Maqdisi was the mentor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a high-ranking Al-Qaeda leader (killed in 2006).

The below excerpt is from a Spiegel article from 2005. Judging from the present situation in West Europe, “total confrontation” is in no way unlikely to happen in 2016, just as Al-Qaeda has planned it:

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Vladimir Putin Sets Stage For World War 3, Expands Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Defenses Near Europe

vladimir-putin-sets-stage-for-world-war-3-expands-russia_s-nuclear-weapons-defenses-near-europe-665x385Setting the stage for World War 3, Russian leader Vladimir Putin is threatening to expand Russia’s nuclear weapon defense systems near Europe in response to efforts by NATO and the United States to extend air and anti-missile defense coverage over Europe.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, President Obama is also considering giving Ukraine military support and lethal aid as required by the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warns that World War 3 and a major nuclear war could start over the Ukraine war.

This past fall, the number of Russian nuclear weapons surpassed the United States for the first time in 40 years. The development of a new Russian cruise missile which could strike Europe has U.S. officials claiming that Russia is in violation of the 1987 intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) treaty. In response, the Pentagon is considering deploying U.S. cruise missiles in response to Vladimir Putin’s nuclear missile threats. Read Full Article

Seven Christian Churches Up in Flames Amid Niger Charlie Hebdo Violence

1017027779-1Rioters have set fire to at least seven churches in Niger’s capital of Niamey on Saturday during an ongoing turmoil, sparked by Charlie Hebdo’s publication of a cartoon mocking the Prophet Mohammad. “The sites, which were primarily evangelical churches, were torched on the left bank of Niamey, several of them housed in small villas that bore no distinctive religious signs,” Agence France Presse reported. The right bank of Niamey with its numerous churches has also been targeted by rioters. Read Full Article

Britain and US to train ‘cyber-agents’ to protect the UK’s banks from terrorists

v2-gchq-afpgettyBritish and American “cyber-agents” are to join forces to protect the UK’s biggest banks, as well as transport systems and energy supplies, from potentially crippling online terrorist attack. The pioneering deal will be signed today by David Cameron and President Barack Obama in talks at the White House which will focus on combating terrorism and boosting the two nations’ economic growth. Read Full Article

Armed and Dangerous by Garris Elkins

Mighty in Battle (2)In the natural world a person is considered armed and dangerous only if they are armed. Without a weapon they are not a danger or a threat. The same holds true in a spiritual sense. Our danger to the kingdom of darkness is only present when we understand and demonstrate the authority and power we carry.

When Jesus rose from the dead He was seated at the right hand of the Father. All things were placed under his feet in submission to His authority. Each person who becomes born again is placed in Christ in His place of authority. This new position arms us and makes us a threat to the works of hell. This is why we are called dual-citizens. As dual-citizens we can draw upon the authority of our heavenly position to gain entry into the spiritual strongholds of this world that are only breached by those armed with the knowledge of the victory of Jesus Christ. Demons are not afraid of our theology, our varied worship styles or our church buildings. They only fear our authority in Christ.

The Kingdom of God is not a passive kingdom. There is an element of aggression that is inherent in the ever-expanding Kingdom of God. Paul said our weapons are not physical. They are spiritual. Paul’s use of these weapon metaphors defines a battle mindset. In this kind of warfare we load our weapons with the fruit of the Spirit to target the works of darkness. The works of the flesh will not fit into the chamber of God’s weapons.

Today, as you walk the streets of your city you are packing the serious heat of heaven. Don’t forget what you carry. When you draw your spiritual weapon and make your presence known, hell will begin to dive for cover as you walk forward armed and dangerous with the love of God.

Geoengineering and the deliberate melting of the Arctic


As the climate change debate heats up in the world’s most dominating countries, so does the politics in those respective nations. Many powerful governments and corporations are referencing the controversial issue of melting ice in the Arctic as proof that CO2 is the primary cause of global warming. They are also staking claim on the valuable resources below the ice (13% of the World’s oil reserves, shipping lanes and other resources) that can be obtained if a sufficient amount of ice is melted.

Because of this and the current ability through geoengineering and other methods to manipulate climate and melt the ice in certain regions, we must ask if the Arctic ice has been melting and, if so, is corporate/governmental interventions responsible for what can be attributed to the potential multi-trillion dollar industry of global warming. Read Full Article

Putin Is Taking Control Of The East Black Sea

abkhazia-and-crimeaThroughout the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I’ve referred to the “Georgia precedent”: the idea that Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008 showed Vladimir Putin how much he could get away with in terms of violating the sovereignty of neighboring countries.

In truth, the Georgia precedent is about more than the invasion, which was, in Georgia’s case, the culmination of about a decade of Russia’s asymmetrical warfare and boosting separatist forces in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Russia essentially followed the same playbook in Ukraine but took it one step further and actually annexed territory. Now Putin may be about to do the same in Georgia.Read Full Article