Saline lakes around the world shrinking at alarming rates

68A7B8AA-D5FB-48CA-A454-38E5E44B4844.jpegSaline lakes around the world are shrinking in size at alarming rates. Lakes like Utah’s Great Salt Lake, Asia’s Aral Sea, the Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel, China’s huge Lop Nur and Bolivia’s Lake Popo are just a few that are in peril. These lakes and others like them are suffering massive environmental problems according to a group of scientists and water managers in Utah and Montana…….Read More 

Inventor of Sex robot claims he will soon have ‘children’ with his creations

B0EBB436-70F6-4618-A064-19DA2A105C41The inventor of one of the world’s first sex robots claims he is not far away from being able to have a ‘baby’ with one of his creations. Sergi Santos also thinks people will be getting married to their automatic lovers within a generation. Santos previously revealed that his sex robot Samantha had improved his marriage of 16 years to fellow designer Martisa Kissamitaki……Read More

Mars has a TAIL: NASA mission discovers ‘twisted magnetotail’ unlike any other in the solar system

0F211FDA-A2C0-477D-8A4E-4297BA80D6FE.jpegAn invisible magnetic ‘tail’ shaped unlike any other in the solar system is trailing behind Mars, NASA has discovered. While other planets, such as Venus and Earth, are known to have so-called magnetotails, the feature observed at Mars is twisted far more dramatically than expected…….Read More



Powerful eruptions at Sinabung volcano pulverize volcanic dome (Indonesia)

E409350D-45BB-48D9-A01E-A14BB87097F0.jpegNow sit back and enjoy these powerful volcanic eruptions and pyroclastic flows in pictures by Endro Lewa…. Read More 

DEATH IS COMING Black death warning in NINE countries – amid fears PLAGUE could spread on flights from Madagascar

9C7E6CD8-32EA-45C2-871D-D5D2656A7D72PLAGUE warnings have been issued for NINE countries surrounding Madagascar amid fears the disease could spread via sea trade and flight routes. The outbreak is considered a much bigger threat to the region than in previous years because it has taken on its pneumonic form – meaning it is airborne and spread by sneezing and coughing…..Read More

Scientists rushed in to monitor earthquakes under Canary Islands volcano amid fears it could erupt at any minute

7755C7C5-3180-4F24-9F4D-23297E3362CA.jpegScientists have been rushed in to monitor the increasing earthquakes under a Canary Islands volcano amid fears it could erupt at any minute – sending a tidal wave hurtling towards Ireland. Hundreds of tiny earthquakes near the slopes of Cumbre Vieja have rocked La Palma over the past few weeks and seismic expert are now keeping watch on the tourist hotpot 24 hours a day…… Read More 

The mystery continues: What they’re not telling us about Antarctica

6DD603FA-D8E6-4F06-9CF6-5E95C7377BA9Antarctica has it all. The most amazing landscape, sub-zero temperatures, unforgiving terrain, mystery structures buried under the ice, and evil mastermind penguins. However, as you’ve probably heard by now, Antarctica is the one place on Earth that is OFF limits to civilians…….Read More