Storm chaos to SMASH Britain: Brian hurtling towards UK

Gales of up to 80mph will rage throughout today, sparking warnings of flying debris, travel chaos and coastal flooding. The Army was on standby as the Environment Agency issued 32 flood alerts and two more serious flood warnings urging “immediate action”. Safety campaigners have advised elderly and vulnerable people to stay indoors. While the strength of the wind will be the rain and huge waves whipped up during high tides threaten coastal regions. Some 1,200 troops are at the ready with Brian threatening worse chaos than former hurricane Ophelia’s assault on the west coast on Monday…..Read More

More than 120,000 lightnings in 12 hours over England and France as superstorm crosses The Channel

Experts described the conditions as an “intense, dangerous supercellular storm”. A supercell storm is the least common — and most perilous — of the four classifications of thunderstorms. The storm battered Kent from about 1am after a sudden change of course, setting the roof of one house, in Staplehurst, on fire when it was hit by lightning……..Read More

From artificial auroras to radiation belts around Earth: Cold War-era nuclear tests spurred dramatic space weather events

Between 1958 and 1962, the United States and USSR conducted high-altitude nuclear explosion tests, detonating weapons as high as 250 miles above the surface. A new study has found that these tests triggered changes in Earth’s magnetic environment similar to those resulting from naturally-occurring space weather, when the sun sends high-energy particles streaming toward the magnetosphere. The researchers found that these Cold War-era tests gave rise to temporary radiation belts around Earth and even created artificial auroras that could be seen over the equator, instead of the poles……Read More

Tornadoes kill four in Texas as severe storms lash southern US states

IMG_0225.JPGTornadoes have ripped through the US state of Texas, killing at least four people and injuring dozens of others. Severe storms in neighbouring states also left five people dead, including three people killed by flooding and winds in Arkansas. Rushing water swept away a car, drowning a woman in Missouri, and another death was reported in Mississippi.  In Texas, three tornadoes were confirmed by the US National Weather Service in Canton, a city about 95 kilometres east of Dallas. Winds flipped cars, snapped trees, destroyed houses, and left roads strewn with debris and fallen power lines…….Read More

11,172 people evacuated as extra snow this winter suddenly melts as high temperatures hit Kazakhstan causing chaos (Video)

IMG_0158.JPGFloods are wreaking havoc across parts of Kazakhstan as authorities are forced to evacuate dozens of settlements. Tengrinews, citing the Karaganda Oblast’s Department of Emergency Situations, reports that 1,760 houses have been flooded in 35 villages with 340 livestock having been drowned.
In February this year heavy snow and blizzards hit Kazakhstan forcing some residents to dig tunnels to escape their buried houses. Sharp rises in temperatures recently have intensified the melting of snow and caused widespread flooding. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Bozhko, sought to dispel rumors that the floods in Kazakhstan came as a surprise this year…….Read More

New Zealand Bracing for Severe Storms as Ex Cyclone Cook approaches

IMG_0119New Zealand is bracing for what may be the worst storm since 1968, weather authorities say, as emergency services move to evacuate seaside towns and close schools, while warning residents to reconsider their Easter holiday plans.  The tail wind of Cyclone Cook, which had killed one person this week in New Caledonia, was expected to make landfall in New Zealand’s North Island on Thursday evening. The country’s meteorological service issued severe weather warnings for the upper North Island and warned of landslides, flooding and wind damage from gusts of up to 150 kilometres per hour. Emergency services are warning people to pay serious attention to the warnings, saying conditions may be similar to those experienced during Cyclone Giselle which led to the Wahine disaster in 1968. “We’re worried,” Whakatane district mayor Tony Bonne said on local radio……Read More


New Zealand towns hit by ‘once in 500-year flood’ as cyclone Debbie sweeps in from Australia

IMG_0069.JPGState of emergency declared in parts of North Island after rivers burst banks amid extreme winds brought by tail-end of ex-cyclone Debbie.  A “once in 500-year” flood is swallowing up large parts of the east coast of New Zealand, as the tail-end of ex-cyclone Debbie sweeps east after devastating large parts of Australia. States of emergency have been declared in numerous regions in the North Island, after rivers burst their banks following two days of heavy rain and gale-force winds. Thousands of people have been evacuated in the Bay of Plenty, on the east coast of the North Island, and welfare centres established to feed and house those whose homes are now under water. The town of Edgecumbe appears to be the worst affected, with brown water up to two metres high engulfing the town, after the Rangitaiki river burst its banks on Thursday morning….Read More


New Zealand, Australia still pounded by remnants of Cyclone Debbie

Australia: Rockhampton flood: Fitzroy River reaches peak