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Turkey blackmails Europe with its own instability

This is the sort of thing that happens in Mel Brooks movies, but not–at least until now–in geopolitics: Turkey’s claim upon the support of Western Europe comes from its own propensity to collapse. If it does so, the Europeans fear, the refugee stream that inundated Europe during 2015 […]

Germany bows to ’emerging Adolf Hitler of the Middle East

Germany has a well-known period in its history where it gave in to a dictator. Things didn’t work out so well for a lot of people. Now there’s another dictator exerting his influence, apparently. This time, the dictator is from Turkey. New York Times bestselling author and Christian evangelist Joel Richardson […]


 Hackers have posted a database online that seems to contain the personal information of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens in what is one of the largest public leaks of its kind. The Associated Press on Monday was able to partially verify the authenticity of the leak by running 10 […]

In Turkey’s war on terror, everyone is a loser

Amid a widening conflict in the Kurdish south-east, another suicide attack rocks Turkey’s capital. Footage from the site of an explosion on March 13th in central Ankara, just a few hundred metres from the prime minister’s office, shows a busy bus stop—and then a blinding flash of white light […]