The Passive Android and the Creative Force

The Passive Android and the Creative Force - Zengardener Jon Rappoport -Contributor, Asymmetric warfare in the arena of the mind is the only way to get out of the hatchery where androids are cultivated and made. You attack the stasis, the rest points, the places where the machinery of the mind is absolutely sure things... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Christian Transhumanism: People and Church will no Longer be the Same

An Atheist's Perspective on the Rise of Christian Transhumanism- Zoltan Istvan I decided to write this bridge-building article because one Christian reverend, Christopher Benek, called me and told me he believed America was ready to start merging Christianity with transhumanism. Some people, including conservative Christians, may find that asinine, but I tend to agree... Continue Reading →

Chimeras & Hybrids: Reality of The Situation

Chimeras & Hybrids: Reality of The Situation By: Bobby Vaughn Jr./ a call to actions The term “chimera” is not quite a household term. Why would it be? It is the product of mythology. Mysticism. Fiction. Correct? The ancient Egyptians depicted chimeric beings within carvings and paintings. But, does this mean that we should... Continue Reading →

Humanity is turning into a ‘different kind of animal,’ Stanford historian says Stanford classics Professor Ian Morris says that in the 21st century our cultural evolution is feeding back into our biological evolution. The result may be technologically enhanced "post-humans" as far removed from us as we are from Neanderthals. The blurring of the boundaries between humanity and technology will shape the future of civilization, a Stanford... Continue Reading →

In this episode, Timothy Alberino  analyzes the New Arms Race, and  the Pentagon's plans to engineer  genetically-modified, cybernetic  super-soldiers. Alberino says that transhumanism  and the creation of cybernetic, super- soldiers is an inevitable and inexorable  reality that will be upon us in the  foreseeable future, as laid out in the  DARPA monograph, "Advanced Tools  for Mammalian Genonme... Continue Reading →

Transhumanists See “Virtual Reality” As The New Frontier For Religions Now next generation devices like the Oculus Rift headset and the Leap Motion hand movement sensor promise to deliver just that: fully immersive interfaces to sophisticated virtual worlds, which users, even casual consumers, don’t have to “learn” because they work just like real life. The new interface devices are much more complex, technically, than... Continue Reading →

Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births Scientifically, it’s called ectogenesis, a term coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924. A hugely influential science popularizer, Haldane did for his generation what Carl Sagan did later in the century. He got people thinking and talking about the implications of science and technology on our civilization, and did not shy away from inventing new... Continue Reading →

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