Hamas paying civilians to engage in violence.

Thousands of Palestinians are gathering at the border today to engage in a violent riot against Israel. Hamas has openly stated that they are paying civilians to engage in violence and that any one killed will earn $3000 for their family, and those injured earn $500. Where do you think Hamas gets their funding?.........Standwithus

As Experts Warn 'The Descent Into Anarchy Is Only Beginning', Russian President Vladimir Putin Warns The World About Coming Changes To The Global Economy Iraq accused of using white phosphorus in Mosul assault Turning Against Trump: How the Chinese Covered the Climate Pact Exit Scientists Confirm Hillary Clinton is a Psychopath SCOTUS Refuses to Help... Continue Reading →

News In Brief

REVEALED: Killer jihadi, 27, 'radicalized by YouTube' was known to British police and was filmed arguing with cops after unfurling ISIS flag in a park one year before London Bridge terror attack London jihadi was 'euphoric' hours before murdering seven as he asked a neighbor about hiring a truck: Father of two, who hid his... Continue Reading →

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