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New Police Radars Are Being Used To ‘See’ Inside Homes

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses.” Police Departments and law enforcement agencies around the world have been using radar devices for years. But now, new technology is allowing officers […]

New self-destructing virus kills computers when detected

A new form of self-destructing virus has been discovered with a unique agenda. The malware can work out when anti-virus programs have detected it and then renders the computer unusable so that it can keep on operating. Named Rombertik, the virus is spreading around the Internet in attachments on […]

Is There a Slippery Slope from Prosthetics to Cyborgs?

Plastic surgery, broadly defined, has a long history. The earliest records of going under the knife date back to 600 B.C. in India, where the punishment of nose amputation for adultery created a natural clientele for rhinoplasty. In ancient Rome, surgeons performed scar-removal operations on their patients’ backs, […]

New radar tech targets military, civilian drones, cars

A secretive startup is touting new radar technology that could save the military millions by using ‘metamaterials’ to circumvent existing size, weight and cost limitations. But it could also equip civilian drones and cars with radars in the near future. The technology would be “disruptive to existing radar markets, […]