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Google Rattles the Tech World With a New AI Chip for All

In a move that could shift the course of multiple technology markets, Google will soon launch a cloud computing service that provides exclusive access to a new kind of artificial-intelligence chip designed by its own engineers. CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the new chip and service this morning in Silicon […]

The Age of Quantum Computing Has Arrived

The Beast System  Is Upon Us Marshall McLuhan, a media theorist of the past generation, once said, “The computer is the most extraordinary of man’s technological clothing…beside it, the wheel is a mere hula hoop.” Next to quantum computers, perhaps our classical computers will look like simple gameboys. Quantum […]


The Future Doesn’t Need Us… Or So We’ve Been Told. With the rise of technology and the real-time pressures of an online, global economy, humans will have to be very clever – and very careful – not to be left behind by the future. From the perspective of those […]

Completely Alone And Utterly Depressed

Do you ever feel like you have been completely abandoned by the world? Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression? If so, you are far from alone. Thanks to technology Americans are more isolated than they have ever been before, and as you will see […]

Oh Great, Now Alexa Will Judge Your Outfits, Too

Echo Look is like the 2017 version of Cher’s computerized closet from the movie Clueless. It can catalogue your clothes, suggests outfits, and help you decide between two different looks using its “Style Check” feature. You can create a style Lookbook, from which Amazon can recommend new brands […]