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Samsung SmartTVs can collect and transmit spoken words, personal information, and sensitive data to 3rd party sources Smart TVs may be getting too smart as some now actually collect and transmit your spoken words, personal information, and sensitive data to other 3rd party sources. In fact Samsung, a major electronic manufacture, admits that they “collect, use, share, and store information through your SmartTV in […]

ISIS Video Game: ARMA 3 Mods Being Used To Recruit Children ISIS video games are being used to recruit children and teach them how to “slaughter Westerners.” ARMA 3 mods have reportedly been adapted by the Islamic State to allow ARMA 3 to be used in a combat simulator fashion. The ARMA 3 ISIS video game now reportedly allows […]

New App Allows For Secretly Recording And Online Storing Of Police Encounters 29-year-old Duncan Kirkwood of Montgomery Alabama recently created an extremely useful police accountability phone application called “Hands Up”. The app allows users to record police encounters and automatically update the footage to online storage that cannot be accessed or deleted by the officers. Kirkwood said that he […]

Next in ID Verification: Behavioral Biometrics The current height in identity verification on the Web is passwords, fingerprints and iris recognition. But the process may move out of the realm of the physical altogether. The U.S. military is developing a new “cognitive” identity verification system at West Point that could ultimately replace passwords, fingerprints […]