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Google Pledges $3 Million to Singularity University to Make Graduate Studies Program Free of Charge Google, a long-time supporter of Singularity University (SU), has agreed to a two-year, $3 million contribution to SU’s flagship Graduate Studies Program (GSP). Google will become the program’s title sponsor and ensure all successful direct applicants get the chance to attend free of charge. Held every summer, the […]

Chinese Woman Uses iPhones To Hack Apple iTunes Store App Rankings And Photo Goes Viral It’s no big secret — at least not to folks in the world of technology — that folks around the world are paid to do things that manipulate the iTunes App Store rankings (and Google Play Store rankings) of apps by doing things like mimicking the activity […]

Robot revolution gathers pace – but at what cost to humans?–but-at-what-cost-to-jobs-10037115.html In food factories they will trim your sirloins and trusschickens. Assembling electric car batteries will also be firmly within their skillset. And in Japan, in the not too-distant future, they will be serving bank customers, checking-in hotel guests and delivering laundry. Ever since they took centre-stage in Fritz […]

The workplace of 2040: Mind control, holograms and biohacking are the future of business WHAT will the workplace look like in 2040? Imagine remote working via hologram, commuting by jetpack, even controlling your office with your mind. MYOB has released its ‘Future of Business: Australia 2040’ report, which examines the possible impact of emerging technologies on business and work over the next […]