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Rising Resistance To The Abnormal

The two most dangerous men in the world? Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are two of the leaders co-opting the Wuhan virus–manufactured hysteria to usher in a truly New World Order. The main purpose of this post is to engage you to watch the incredible July 28 video […]

What NASA Can Learn From the March 9 Eclipse

On Wednesday, March 9, those lucky enough to find themselves within a few hundred miles of Indonesia will be treated to a total solar eclipse, a relatively rare space event in which the moon completely blocks out the sun during its transit. Beautiful in their own right, total solar […]


COMING SOLAR ECLIPSE SEEN AS ‘JUDGMENT’ – Event on 1st day of spring estimated to happen only once every 100,000 years A solar eclipse coming on March 20 won’t just be an astronomical wonder – it will be an event that may be unprecedented in human history, […]