From Denial to Changing Narrative: How the Ukraine Biolab Story Unfolded | Truth Over News

The corporate media’s narrative creation in response to widespread reports of biolabs in Ukraine has truly been something to behold. At first, it was outright denial: “Biolabs in Ukraine? That’s Russian propaganda!” But after quickly being proven wrong, corporate media stenographers quickly shifted to “OK, there are biolabs in Ukraine, but they don’t contain dangerous pathogens.” When... Continue Reading →

Wall Street Journal censored by Big Tech for daring to mention naturally-acquired covid-19 immunity

Like a coordinated machine, Big Tech does not allow scientific debate on infection recovery, treatment or natural immunity. Any information about the futility of lock downs and forced medical edicts is censored as “misinformation.” The message of fear and control is the only narrative allowed to persist on social media. Even the mainstream Wall Street Journal is... Continue Reading →

IMF Calls for Credit Score to be Tied to Internet Search History

In a blog post courtesy of the International Monetary Fund, IMF researchers Arnoud Boot,Peter Hoffmann, Luc Laeven, and Lev Ratnovski called for internet search history to be tied to credit score. Presenting their findings from a paper they wrote, the researchers argue that by using non-financial data, specifically “the history of online searches and purchases,” we can solve the problem of “certain kinds... Continue Reading →

Trust in the media sinks to a new low after the fake news industry spent years falsely accusing Trump and lying about his accomplishments

 In early September Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence and U.S. ambassador to Germany, stepped up to the podium in the White House press gallery with the expectation of discussing a major diplomatic breakthrough. After 21 years, Grenell, who had been appointed U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations,... Continue Reading →

Treasonous NY Times claimed Russia was putting bounties on U.S. troops to bash Trump when it was really the ChiComs who did it

During the horrific reign of Adolph Hitler, The New York Times subverted decency by aiding and abetting the Holocaust through acts of omission — that is, by failing to accurately describe Hitler’s act of genocide against the Jews. These days, the paper’s treasonous editors and reporters satisfy and amuse themselves by lying to the American people about... Continue Reading →

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