Is New Scientific Trial to Revive the Dead a Threat to God’s Final Resurrection of Believers?

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A biomedical company is set to begin experiments using stem cells to revive brain dead patients in a manner that troubles theologians, who question whether this attempt to preempt the Messianic resurrection of the dead should be permitted. One prominent rabbi takes it even further, pointing out the clear and obvious flaw that destines the project to failure. Bioquark, a biomedical startup based in Philadelphia, recently announced that they will begin experiments later this year on patients who have been declared clinically brain dead. The trial will involve a multi-pronged approach, involving injecting stem cells and peptides into the spinal cords, electrical nerve stimulation, and laser therapy. The researchers hope this will grow new neurons and spur them to connect to each other, bringing the brain back to life……..Read More

Nothing is a threat to God He has All things in hand and Nothing takes Him by Surprise


Scientists Are About to Perform an Experiment to See if The Human Mind Is Bound by Physics

IMG_0370.JPGPerhaps one of the most intriguing and interesting phenomena in quantum physics is what Einstein referred to as a “spooky action at a distance” – also known as quantum entanglement. This quantum effect is behind what makes quantum computers work, as quantum bits (qubits) generally rely on entanglement to process data and information. It’s also the working theory behind the possibility of quantum teleportation. The long and short of it is this: entangled particles affect one another regardless of distance, where a measurement of the state of one would instantly influence the state of the other……Read More

Mr Patch says…. Quantum Entanglement and Time. The definitive explanation of true quantum entanglement of not two, but three particles forming a single tetrahedron, the geometry of the Singularity…..SEE FULL SUPPORTING ARTICLE, LINKS & VIDEOS HERE

DARPA Is Planning to Hack the Human Brain to Let Us “Upload” Skills

IMG_0237.JPGThe U.S. military’s “mad science” branch — announced their Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) program. The TNT program aims to explore various safe neurostimulation methods for activating synaptic plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to alter the connecting points between neurons — a requirement for learning. DARPA hopes that building up that ability by subjecting the nervous system to a kind of workout ruegimen will enable the brain to learn more quickly. The ideal end benefit for this kind of breakthrough would be downloadable learning. Rather than needing to learn, for example, a new language through rigorous study and practice over a long period of time, we could basically “download” the knowledge after putting our minds into a highly receptive, neuroplastic state……Read More

Computers of the future could monitor, store and DELETE your thoughts without you ever knowing

Computers of the future could collect, store or delete your thoughts without your knowledge, experts claim. In a new study a pair of bioethicists claim that ‘neurotechnology’ that links up to the brain could become so advanced and widespread that it is targeted by hackers. This will give intruders unauthorised access to the mind, allowing them to eavesdrop on thoughts and even delete them. The researchers made the shocking predictions in a new paper in which they propose new human rights laws to prepare for advances in brain technology. New laws are needed to protect humans from having their ‘freedom of the mind’ taken from them, the researchers said. They warned that the advance of ‘neurotechnology’ could one day breach our privacy of thought……Read More

Occult Rituals, True Quantum Entanglement & Time SOLVED!

Published on May 1, 2017

Cern reveals it has SUPERCHARGED the Large Hadron Collider as it begins latest bid to unravel the mysteries of the universe

After 17 weeks inactive, the Large Hadron Collider has started up again – and it’ll soon be performing better than ever. While the LHC typically takes an annual ‘winter break’ so technicians can perform repairs and upgrades, this year’s stop was longer than usual. Now, a superconducting magnet has been replaced, and a new ‘beam dump’ installed, and the particle accelerator is once again circulating proton beams. Maintenance work began in December 2016, marking the beginning of the LHC’s extended ‘technical stop.’ Since completed, each of the machines in the chain have been turned back on and checked, one by one, ahead of the switching on of the final component – the LHC…….Read More

Scientists Transplanted A Rat’s Head Onto Another Rat, Hoping to Replicate It in Humans

IMG_0209No Brain-Damaging Blood Loss

Okay, so it’s not every day you hear about a real life head transplant, but there is such a thing. In fact, research into transplanting heads has been around for a while now, with the first known two-headed animal experiments dating as far back as the 1900s and the 1950s. Now, scientists from China have made a remarkable breakthrough in transplanting the head of one organism onto that of another. For their work, they took the head of a smaller rat and attached it to a bigger one, creating what is effectively a two-headed rat. It is important to note that the rat did not survive long-term, but that was never the goal. The team knew the rat would not live long, as there are still a lot of technical and scientific issues that need to be resolved before we can successfully perform head transplants on living organisms and have them survive……..Read More