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Government To Monitor Family Spirituality

Under a new law in Scotland, parents will be reported to authorities for not giving a child enough “love, hope and spirituality,” according to a government health adviser who is he lping craft rules for the law, which is scheduled to go into effect next year. Bob Fraser said […]

How The Government Can Legally Steal Your Property

There is no version of eminent domain that coincides with liberty. On the contrary, the two ideas are antithetical to each other. As a champion of liberty, John Locke stated in his Second Treatise of Civil Government, “For I have truly no Property in that, which another can […]

Why The Powers That Be Are Pushing A Cashless Society

Martin Armstrong summarizes the headway being made to ban cash, and argues that the goal of those pushing a cashless society is to prevent bank runs … and increase their control: The central banks are … planning drastic restrictions on cash itself. They see moving to electronic money will […]

Military Gears Up for Space Warfare

Military Gears Up for Space Warfare – free By Bill Gertz Pentagon, military, and intelligence officials outlined plans on Wednesday for warfare in space and warned China not to attack U.S. satellites in any future conflict. “The threats are real, they’re technologically advanced and they’re a concern,” said […]

U.S. ‘ignoring intel’ on ISIS chemical attacks

U.S. ‘ignoring intel’ on ISIS chemical attacks – by Aaron Klein Egypt provided the United States with information that ISIS is attempting to purchase chemical materials such as chlorine gas that can be utilized in terrorist attacks, an Egyptian intelligence official told WND. Yet the official claimed the […]