White House bracing for Hunter Biden indictment

Long before the New York Post's blockbuster, election-eve stories on Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020, investigative reporter and author Peter Schweizer documented the Biden family's international business of selling access to the White House for millions of dollars. Now, with the New York Times belatedly acknowledging the authenticity of messages on Hunter Biden's laptop indicating Joe Biden... Continue Reading →

Texas Elections Official to Resign After Thousands of Uncounted Ballots Found

The Harris County elections commissioner is resigning after 10,000 uncounted ballots for last week’s primary were discovered, according to an announcement posted online on Monday.“Today I am submitting my resignation, effective July 1,” Isabel Longoria said in the announcement. “I think this date ensures that there is a presiding officer during the May and June elections and allows the election commission... Continue Reading →

Religious Bill Delayed Indefinitely Amid Disagreements on Gay and Trans Student Protections

Chances of the religious discrimination bill becoming law are fading after the government shelved the bill indefinitely, potentially leaving one of the central election promises of Prime Minister Scott Morrison unfulfilled. After a marathon 10-hour debate, the bill passed the House of Representatives in the early hours of Thursday morning after five Liberal backbenchers crossed the floor... Continue Reading →

America becomes a terror state as governments wage terror campaigns against their own people

 In yesterday’s Situation Update podcast, I revealed that all the seemingly insane events of Big Government can best be understood by realizing the globalists are pursuing an active campaign of global genocide against humanity. The order has gone out, and human beings are to be exterminated by the billions. This explains the engineered food scarcity, deadly vaccine... Continue Reading →

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