Biden refuses to rule out first-strike use of US nuclear weapons under ‘extreme circumstances’ in dramatic reversal of his campaign vow after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

President Joe Biden is abandoning a campaign vow to alter longstanding US nuclear doctrine, and will instead embrace existing policy that reserves America's right to use nukes in a first-strike scenario, according to multiple reports. As Russian forces continue their bloody assault on Ukraine, Biden is under pressure from NATO allies not to abandon the right to use nuclear weapons to deter... Continue Reading →

Russian warship fires Kalibr missiles 

he Russian military has used its Kalibr cruise missiles to target an arms and hardware depot in Zhytomyr Region in north-western Ukraine, the Defense Ministry has revealed. The high-precision strike was carried out early on Saturday by an unnamed small missile ship in the Black Sea, obliterating a Ukrainian military facility, according to officials.....Continue Reading

WW3 Will Feature ‘Deception In Cyberspace’ With Nations Carrying Out False Flag Operations: False Flag Cyberattacks Deceive, Misdirect, Change Agendas And Create Imaginary Threats 

While going through a google news search for 'cyberattacks' that came out just over the past 24 hours, there are 100's of such stories, referencing forthcoming Russian cyber attacks upon America, and in this business we long ago warned, when there is such obvious 'collusion' among the mainstream media upon such certain topics, beware their... Continue Reading →

Holy Sh*t! Biden Publicly Calls Putin “A Butcher” – Later Speech says ‘For God’s Sake this man cannot remain in power”

In the most extraordinary display of gross ineptitude, Diplomatic malfeasance, and Presidential lack of judgment, illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden today called Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin "a butcher."  Video . . .As if that wasn't bad enough, Biden later gave a speech which he ended by saying (of Putin) "For God's sake, this man cannot... Continue Reading →

Kremlin Rejects Proposed Zelensky-Putin Meeting, Citing “No Significant Progress” In Ceasefire Talks

At a moment Russian forces are believed to be on the cusp of taking the major southeast city of Mariupol, after the Ukrainians rejected the Kremlin's terms of surrender for the city, a fresh statement from the Russian side has yet again cited "no significant progress" in ceasefire talks, while stating Moscow is not ready for a proposed meeting with... Continue Reading →

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