Breaking the ice! The Obamas host Nordic leaders at star-studded state dinner after a show of unity against Putin’s aggression

President Obama and the First Lady have welcomed five Nordic leaders to the White House for a lavish state dinner after earlier putting on a show of unity against Vladimir Putin's recent military aggression in the Baltics. The Obamas first welcomed Icelandic Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson - who has only been in charge of his... Continue Reading →

Secret meeting of 150 top scientists considers creating synthetic human genome within a decade as experts warn technology could lead to an ‘arms

Earlier this week, roughly 150 scientists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs met in secrecy to discuss the possibility of creating an entirely synthetic human genome. This means scientists would chemically recreate the genetic material that’s naturally passed from parents to children. While this could mean major advancements for biological science and public health, some experts have raised concerns over... Continue Reading →

Obama Food-Stamp Free-for-All: Feds Bust Largest Fraud Operation in U.S. History

President Obama’s expanded food-stamp program certifying flea market retailers as vendors to provide low-income neighborhoods with fresh produce has ripped open a Pandora’s Box of fraud and corruption. This week federal authorities in south Florida busted the largest food-stamp fraud operation in U.S. history. Twenty-two defendants in the largely black and Hispanic areas of Miami-Dade... Continue Reading →

Putin Warns Russia Will Respond to NATO Missile Shield

President Vladimir Putin on Friday described the development of NATO's U.S.-led missile defense program as a threat to global security and vowed that Russia will take the necessary steps to maintain a strategic parity. Putin, speaking at a meeting with military officials, scoffed at U.S. claims that the shield isn't aimed against Russia but instead intended... Continue Reading →

Watch Mount Etna ‘breathing’ in this mesmerising Nasa animation: Earth’s crust is seen swelling and dipping as the volcano gets ready to explode

It is the most active volcano in Europe, blowing its top every few years and spewing magma to release pressure. But rather than being an immovable funnel of rock, Italy's Mount Etna grows and shrinks as the years roll by. An animation from Nasa, using radio satellite imagery, has captured this activity to make the volcano appear... Continue Reading →

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