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European economic storm is casting dark clouds over Davos It is always advisable to be wary of the consensus view, and particularly thaof Davos, which can be a remarkably accurate contrary indicator. Yet this time around, it is hard to fault the prevailing, relatively downbeat mood that pervades this annual meeting of business, political and civic […]

Doomsday Clock Minute Handing Moving Closer To Midnight On Thursday, Scientists Predict The Doomsday Clock is ticking ever more loudly, according to a group of atomic scientists. Manhattan Project scientists created the symbolic Doomsday Clock in 1947 to illustrate how close the world is edging to a global catastrophe. Doomsday Clock scientists monitor threats such as nuclear disasters and […]

Britain and US to train ‘cyber-agents’ to protect the UK’s banks from terrorists British and American “cyber-agents” are to join forces to protect the UK’s biggest banks, as well as transport systems and energy supplies, from potentially crippling online terrorist attack. The pioneering deal will be signed today by David Cameron and President Barack Obama in talks at the White […]