DEATH IS COMING Black death warning in NINE countries – amid fears PLAGUE could spread on flights from Madagascar

9C7E6CD8-32EA-45C2-871D-D5D2656A7D72PLAGUE warnings have been issued for NINE countries surrounding Madagascar amid fears the disease could spread via sea trade and flight routes. The outbreak is considered a much bigger threat to the region than in previous years because it has taken on its pneumonic form – meaning it is airborne and spread by sneezing and coughing…..Read More

Melania Trump Issues FULL BAN On Monsanto Products From White House

First Lady Melania Trump has issued a ban on Monsanto products from the White House after learning of the negative health effects connecting to consuming genetically modified (GM) corn, according to reports.Melania Trump expressed concern about the safety of genetically modified food and said they are best avoided.“Barron’s health has improved out of sight since we started eating organic, non-genetically modified food,” the First Lady stated. Melania’s research on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and was it appeared in her family’s diet, the First Lady said she was “amazed at the place this company has in the food chain“.Read more

Scientific Research Proves Sunlight Prevents Cancer

IMG_0313.JPGFor the same reason that the conventional energy industry has not harnessed the full potential of solar energy (its free!), sunlight and its indispensable byproduct in our skin: vitamin D, represents a serious threat to the medical establishment, whose questionable and aggressive promotion of vaccination and drug-based strategies in place of inexpensive, safe and effective vitamin D supplementation (or better, carefully meted out recreation and sunlight exposure) for immunity, has many questioning their motives. Vitamin D, after all, has a vital preventive role to play in hundreds of conditions, due to the fact that 1 in every 10 genes in the human body depends on adequate quantities of this gene-regulatory hormone to function optimally. In other words, the very genetic/epigenetic infrastructure of our health would fall apart without adequate levels……Read More

Cholera outbreak in Yemen kills 34 people, may spiral out of control

An acute outbreak of cholera-related cases in war-torn Yemen has claimed the lives of at least 34 people in the past two weeks with over 2,000 people still sick, WHO has said. Meanwhile, Doctors Without Borders has warned that the outbreak could spiral out of control. “There have been 34 cholera-associated deaths and 2,022 cases of acute watery diarrhea in nine governorates, including Sana’a, during the period of April 27 to May 7,” a World Health Organization (WHO) official told AFP. Cholera, which causes severe dysentery and vomiting, can develop in areas with poor sanitation and is contracted by coming into contact with contaminated water sources. Yemen, described by the UN as the poorest country in the Arab region, has been torn apart by a civil war and continues to bleed from a Saudi-led bombardment. It’s been practically left without adequate infrastructure and health facilities as the conflict rages into its third year…..Read More

Australia’s first medicinal cannabis imported from Canada

IMG_0248The first commercial batches of medicinal cannabis have arrived in Australia from Canada. Cresco Pharma and Health House International have imported cannabis oil, which can be used to treat cancer and epilepsy. The medicinal cannabis, taken to Melbourne and Perth, was the first batch approved for patients.  Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said doctors would be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis with approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. ‘Children suffering from epilepsy and patients dealing with side effects caused by cancer treatment are most likely to benefit from these products,’ he said in a statement…….Read More


Completely Alone And Utterly Depressed

Do you ever feel like you have been completely abandoned by the world? Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression? If so, you are far from alone. Thanks to technology Americans are more isolated than they have ever been before, and as you will see below, this is really starting to cause a major national crisis. Humans were designed to be social creatures, and researchers have found that a lack of interaction with others can cause major mental, emotional and social problems. Not only that, it can also lead to premature death. We actually have a need to love others and to be loved by them, and if those needs are not met the consequences can be quite dramatic…….Read More


IMG_0031Big Pharma is America’s new mafia whose chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all the world wars and acts of terrorism combined. While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions. It makes you wonder if Pharmageddon is upon us with the next set of mandatory vaccinations planned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the profit of drug companies. THERE IS A WAR RAGING FOR CONTROL OF YOUR BLOODSTREAM..Over 70% of Americans are on some form of pharmaceutical drug that often brings negative side-effects, including death. Iatrogenic death, or “death by doctor”, is considered the third leading cause of death in America, conservatively speaking. Some experts interpret the data to read iatrogenic death as the number one cause of death, and they have a great deal of evidence to back up the claim. These statistics suggest that we should change the name “health industry” to “illness industry.”……Read More