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Facebook and Twitter stocks plunge as advertisers leave

Shares of social media giants Facebook and Twitter took a nosedive over the weekend after major advertisers pulled out of both platforms. Last Friday, household goods giant Unilever announced that it was pulling its ads from both Facebook and Twitter, resulting in shares of both falling by 7 percent by midday. This […]

When The Food Runs Out: The Coming Food Crisis | Be Ready 2019

Are you ready for the collapse of the agricultural system? In this video I go over all of the factors which threaten the global food supply. Consumerism, overpopulation, urbanization, pollution, biodiversity, monoculture, farming practices, water shortages, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, overfishing, geopolitics, bee extinction, monopoly (big agri), genetically modified […]

Russia’s economy expands despite sanctions – World Bank

The growth rate of the Russian economy increased last year, while inflation remained low, the World Bank said in its 2019 World Economic Outlook. “Although economic sanctions tightened, Russia experienced relatively low and stable inflation and increased oil production. As a result of robust domestic activity, the Russian economy […]