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Russia Promises Response to US Missile Defense Systems in Ukraine

Earlier in the day, Ukrainian National Security Service Secretary Oleksander Turchynov said that Kiev may consider placing missile defense systems in its territory after consultations. “If this means that Ukraine plans to deploy elements of US missile defense systems on its territory, then, obviously, this could be understood as […]

Wildfires in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Prompt Radiation Fears

Ukraine’s emergency services appealed for calm Wednesday as wildfires raged in the exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine that went into meltdown in 1986. “Levels of background radiation are normal … don’t panic! Everything is in order,” Ukrainian emergency services head Zoryan Shkiryak was cited […]

Kiev threatens to stop importing Russian gas from April 1

Ukraine threatens to stop importing Russian gas from April 1 – Kiev said it will stop importing Russian gas from next Wednesday if Gazprom doesn’t offer it a better price, according to the country’s Energy Minister Vladimir Demchishin. Halting supplies through Ukraine could put Europe’s energy security […]