Iceland Drops Bid for EU Membership

Iceland Drops Bid for EU Membership - According to Agence France-Presse, Iceland is reportedly dropping its bid for membership in the European Union. A statement released by Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson informed the European Union Commission of his country's decision to annul their application. The EU and Iceland have discussed the country's position on the... Continue Reading →

Europe: The morally bankrupt union

Europe: The morally bankrupt union - Puppet Masters - by Raul Ilargi Meijer - The Market Oracle The European Union is busy accomplishing something truly extraordinary: it is fast becoming such a spectacular failure that people don't even recognize it as one. People have no idea, they just think: this can't possibly be true, and they... Continue Reading →

European Central Bank gets ready to unleash €1.1 trillion QE blitz The European Central Bank is getting ready to announce details of the unprecedented program of government bond-buying it hopes will lift the bloc out of recession and a vortex of falling prices. Convening in Cyprus on Thursday, President Mario Draghi and his 25-member governing council will be signing-off on plans to purchase €60bn-a-month in government... Continue Reading →

Grexit: How likely is a Greek exit from the Euro and what would happen to the economy? Greece’s stand-off with the rest of the eurozone over the terms of its bailout has raised the chances that the country could crash out of the single currency - possibly within weeks. But what would the consequences of “Grexit” be for Greece, Europe and everyone else? What would happen to Greece? An immediate financial... Continue Reading →

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