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What is Collectivism?

EndTime Ministries. –  Emmanuel MaCron – While addressing the United Nations on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel MaCron called for collective efforts to solve supposed global crisis. The Bible says the Antichrist will have a collectivist mindset. What is collectivism? Where is the prophecy located in scripture that tells us […]

Brexit: Reality is Finally Dawning On Europe

Fishing makes up 40 percent of the local economy and Urk is where 32 percent of the Netherlands’ fish is bought and sold. And locals fear that if Dutch vessels are barred from British waters after Brexit much of the industry will disappear overnight. A recent report from the EU’s […]

EU Said To Reject Ballistic Missile Penalties on Iran

Members of the European Union are balking at imposing sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program, The Times of Israel reported last week. EU members Spain, Italy and Austria rejected proposed penalties by the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, which would penalize Iran for its continued ballistic missile […]