ISIS’s Latest Weapon: Damming A River That The Bible Says Has Powerful Angels Bound In It

4angelsIslamic State (ISIS) group jihadists have closed the gates of a dam in the Iraqi city of Ramadi which they seized last month, posing a humanitarian and security threat, officials said Tuesday. ISIS fighters have repeatedly attempted to control dams in Iraq, in some cases reducing the flow of water to areas under government control or flooding swathes of land to impede military operations, reports AFP. Anbar provincial council chief Sabah Karhout said ISIS “closed all the gates” at a dam in Ramadi, capital of Iraq’s largest province. Read Article

This apocalypse seed vault could one day be humanity’s last hope of survival

thPicture the scenario – it’s 2030 and tensions between Russia and the rest of Europe have reached a frightening crescendo. Humanity is hours away from nuclear war. Western leaders call an emergency meeting to discuss the inevitability of Doomsday. How will the human race survive in the urban wasteland left by nuclear fall-out? It might sound like a scene from a film, but should Putin ever press the red button, mankind will survive, mostly thanks to a seed vault in one of the most remote places on earth. Read Article