The Real Reason the Pentecostal Movement Keeps Growing There are parts of the globe where the greatest church growth is happening through the Pentecostal movement. One of the most frequently asked questions is: "In a world where the church seems to be declining in many areas, how they are bucking the trend?" There is never one reason why a movement succeeds. But... Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham: Christians Must Speak Out – Before Its Too Late Rev. Franklin Graham has urged Christians "to get involved in government" and "in politics" and speak out about the future of the country even their political opponents will attack them for doing so, CNS News reports. In a speech last week in Oklahoma, Graham said that because "gays and lesbians are in politics" along with... Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham: There Are Storms Coming Times have changed. And no politician or political party can save us. That's what Franklin Graham told an Oklahoma City crowd Monday night at the Oklahoma State Evangelism Conference. Talking about the forces of secular humanism that have taken root in the United States, Franklin Graham called on Christ followers to take an active interest in... Continue Reading →

These Christians Are Rejoicing Amid Radical Islam’s Deadly Persecution Christians in Niger are regrouping and passionately worshipping after Islamic militants burned their churches to the ground earlier this month. "Last night the church members met for prayer as the pastor, who lost everything, encouraged them by flashlight to not only stand strong, but to move forward and to know that this attack will... Continue Reading →

Today’s Youth Want More of the Spirit

Charisma Spiritual trend watchers have come up with terms like “nones” and “dones” to describe young people in the United States. “Nones” are those who don’t categorize themselves as anything when asked about their religion, while “dones” are those who have quit church. The prevailing assumption is that today’s youth are disillusioned with organized religion,... Continue Reading →

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