China urges US to withdraw anti-missile system from S. Korea

IMG_0190China has expressed serious concern to Washington and Seoul after the US military started moving parts of its controversial THAAD anti-missile defence system to a deployment site in South Korea.  The issue also triggered protests from villagers in South Korea, amid tension over weapons development in North Korea, which days ago conducted a large live-fire exercise to mark the foundation of its military. Speaking at a daily news briefing in Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said China urged the US and South Korea to withdraw the system……Read More


North Korea crisis: China maintains ‘combat readiness’ ahead of military anniversary


Soldiers march across Kim Il-sung Square during a military parade in Pyongyang last week. Photo: AP

Beijing: China is carrying out “routine” military drills on its border with North Korea to maintain combat readiness, China’s Ministry of Defence says. The statement was issued after reports from the United States that Chinese bombers were on high alert with “unusual levels” of activity. There are renewed fears that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test on April 25, the 85th anniversary of the founding of its military. Last week the Chinese Ministry of Defence denied reports that it would mobilise 150,000 troops to the border, including medical teams, in preparation for any nuclear test by North Korea….Read More

Russian, Chinese Ships Tail USS Carl Vinson in East China Sea

UnknownThe nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and its group are believed to be in waters around the East China Sea, heading north toward the Korean Peninsula. China and Russia, which prioritize stability on the Korean Peninsula, have expressed their concern over the tough US stance towards North Korea, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying the issue should be resolved peacefully through political and diplomatic efforts. The dispatch of the intelligence-gathering vessels may be aimed at sending a warning signal to the United States, reports have speculated. No official comments from the Russian Defense Ministry were available at the time of publication……Read More


China and Russia dispatch ships to shadow Donald Trump’s ‘armada’ as it approaches North Korean waters – Japanese media repo

Chinese president pleads for peace as Trump warns the US is sending an ‘armada’ to North Korea and tells Kim Jong-un: ‘You’re doing the wrong thing!’

IMG_0112.JPGChinese president Xi Jinping has pleaded for peace after Donald Trump warned the US is sending a powerful ‘armada’ to North Korea. The two leaders have spoken by phone in an apparent effort to avoid further escalation after Trump deployed the aircraft carrier-led strike group in a show of force to the Korean peninsula.  The US president last night repeatedly accused Kim Jong-Un of doing ‘the wrong thing’ as he talked up the power of the fleet heading towards the Korean peninsula.  China has made clear its frustration with Pyongyang’s stubbornness but Beijing’s priority remains preventing any military flare-up that could bring chaos and instability to its doorstep. In his phone call with Trump, Xi stressed that China ‘advocates resolving the issue through peaceful means,’ the foreign ministry said……Read More



IMG_0094Two years ago, ICBC, the largest and most valuable bank in the world by total assets and market capitalization, was planning to open a clearing bank in Russia for trade settlements in Yuan (Renminbi) and Rubles. ICBC’s business involvement include electricity, mining, chemical, oil and gas, telecommunication, retail, machinery and metallurgy sector in Russia. It makes perfect sense to get rid of US dollar. Why must China and Russia conduct their business transactions using their rival’s currency? The US dollar is so strong because 80% of world trade take place in US dollar. Besides military might and power, the high demand for US dollar is also driven by perception that it’s the safest currency simply because US is also the world’s biggest economy….Read More

China agrees on ‘action’ on North Korea as navy strike group sails

IMG_0092As the US navy deployed a strike group towards the western Pacific Ocean, to provide a presence near the Korean peninsula, the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said China agreed with the Trump administration that “action has to be taken” regarding North Korea. Tillerson told CBS’s Face the Nation, in an interview broadcast on Sunday, that when Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping met at the Mar-a-Lago resort this week, they “had extensive discussions around the dangerous situation in North Korea”. “President Xi clearly understands, and I think agrees, that the situation has intensified and has reached a certain level of threat that action has to be taken,” Tillerson said…….Read More

Apocalyptical hailstorm hits China’s Guizhou (video and pictures)

hailstorm-chinaA ferocious hailstorm and heavy rain battered the city of Guiyang, causing scenes of chaos across the city on Wednesday night. The dramatic hailstorm brought traffic to a standstill as huge hailstones pelted the city, with the largest having a diameter of 15 milli According to firefighting authorities, a total of 71 people were rescued overnight.The downtown was seriously flooded by the deluge, with the precipitation level rising to 23 millimeters in an hour.It was reported that two residents were trapped after hailstones accumulated up to their waists in the basement of a building…….Read More