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Electronic Tattoos Will Change The World & Humanity

MARK OF THE BEAST 666 – It’s the stuff of cyberpunk science fiction — tattoos adorned with flashing lights and sophisticated circuitry. They’ll monitor our vitals, we’re told, and feed us personalized health advice in real time. They’ll wire our biology to the web, and put the internet of […]

Human Cloning

Published on Apr 29, 2013  –  Cloning Humans – UK – Zoe Holloway – 2007 Category: Nonprofits & Activism License: Standard YouTube License What is the truth about cloning humans? Are embryonic clones “one of us” or not? Should they have the same legal protections as anyone else? Is the need to […]

Fingerprints to be tested as ‘currency’

Starting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints. The government hopes to increase the number of foreign tourists by using the system to prevent crime and relieve users […]

Is A World Without Cash Looking Inevitable

Physical currency is going extinct, according to Stratfor. In a recent paper, the global forecaster said that the world is on a march to a cashless society and even if there are setbacks the endgame is inevitable. “All of these trends, allied with the unstoppable progress of technology, will likely […]