LA Marzulli – The Disclosure Process on The Hagmann Report 4/14/17

Published on Apr 15, 2017
LA Marzulli discusses the growing number of UFO sightings across the world compared to 50 years ago, or even decade ago. What’s going on? Are we preparing to see some type of “disclosure” event?

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NEW! Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters SPECIAL!

Published on Apr 5, 2017
UNEARTHING THE LOST WORLD OF THE CLOUDEATERS is a book, documentary movie, 2017 Conference and investigation unlike anything before, one that will demand the Smithsonian open hidden warehouses so the history of ancient America can be rewritten! As chronicled by Dr. Thomas R. Horn, radio legend Stephen Quayle, and two teams of investigators and film crews (following a secret conference with leaders of the Ute Nation, Zuni, and Hopi tribes) the most compelling evidence is finally unveiled involving pre-Columbian, dragon/giant-worshiping interlopers who traversed the Atlantic Ocean and secret Anasazi routes to corrupt the earliest Americans with portal-opening sorcery, human sacrifices, ritual cannibalism, and technology of the fallen ones.


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Is Disclosure Comimg: Have ALIENS lived on Earth? Ancient ‘technological species’ may have existed on our planet billions of years before humans, scientist claims

IMG_0178.JPGIt has been one of the biggest unanswered questions for decades – is there, or was there ever, life elsewhere in the solar system? Now, a US space scientist believes he may have the answer. Professor Jason Wright claims that ‘technological’ aliens may have once lived on one of the planets in our solar system, before disappearing without a trace.  Professor Wright is an associate professor in astronomy and astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University. In a new paper, titled ‘Prior Indigenous Technological Species’, Professor Wright suggests that ancient aliens could have lived on either Mars, Venus or even Earth. And Professor Wright claims that there’s a chance we could soon discover ‘technosignatures’ left behind by the aliens…….Read More

Researchers test the possible building blocks of alien life

IMG_0172Researchers are trying to identify the amino acids that might form the basis of alien life. Amino acids are the building blocks that make proteins and support all life on earth. The researchers are testing amino acids under extreme conditions to mimic environments on other planets, tracking what types could lead to extraterrestrial life.  Amino acids, which forms chains that are used to make proteins, could have developed differently to meet the challenges of extraterrestrial conditions, or conditions not found on Earth The researchers, based at Valparaiso University in Indiana, analyzed how 15 different amino acids – some found on Earth in living organisms, and some not found in living organisms – are affected by extreme conditions found on the other planets and moons…..Read More 


Collaboration of Anthony Patch and End Times Matrix News research with Tim and Kris. We show how CERN is opening a portal Through the Birkland Currents of Jupiter! Jupiter is Satan and He is the resurrected Saturn in the Underworld. The Son of Saturn Jupiter will TRY to COPY Jesus Christ Being Resurrected from the Underworld as APOLLO who’s Temple and Grave is Under CERN MACHINE an Alchemy Machine. The Ring of Saturn is attached to the Awake Accelerator and we will explain in mythos how this is a REPLICA of 4096 the ogdoad the AUM trinity of Saturn Venus and Jupiter to raise as Apollo! The ANTICHRIST! Continue reading

The Unexplained: The Roswell Rock: A lost alien map?

The-Roswell-Rock-1024x697The curious object known as the Roswell Rock was found near the Roswell crash site in New Mexico. The rock displays a curious pattern together with magnetic anomalies: when magnetic influence is placed over the thickest part of the Roswell rock, the object turns counter clockwise. However, when placed above the lower crescent and circle, the thinnest part of the rock, the object reverses and turns clockwise. An enigmatic object—found near the alleged Roswell alien crashsite—called the Roswell Rock has created confusion among those who have studied it. Said to possess mysterious properties, many believe the curious artifact—discovered in 2004—belonged to an alien race that visited Earth. On September 4, 2004, a man named Robert Ridge went out hunting. During the day, as he explored the territory near the Roswell crash site he came across a curious object protruding from the ground, with a curious pattern embedded on its surface. After picking up the artifact and cleaning it, he noticed a set of patterns and symbols on its surface that immediately caught his attention. The Roswell rock has a curious symbolism: Two crescent moons joined at the corners, a pattern eerily similar to those that tend to appear on Crop Circles…..Read More

2017 Will Be the Year We Decide Whether to Put a Call Out to Aliens

img_00862017 Will Be the Year We Decide Whether to Put a Call Out to Aliens

The search for extraterrestrial intelligent life in the universe may sound like science fiction to some, but it’s been a legitimate and active part of astronomy research for decades. Now, some researchers want to take the next step, from looking for signs of life to sending out signals and telling any aliens out there: “Hey, we’re down here!” This idea has drawn criticism from the likes of Stephen Hawking and launched a debate that will come to a head this year as a young organization rolls out its plan to craft a message to blast out to potential aliens some time in 2018. METI International, launched in 2015, is a nonprofit research group that plans to start messaging by the end of next year. Their name means “messaging extraterrestrial intelligence” (a play on SETI, the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence”). Read More