‘The Currency Of The Apocalypse’? Doomsday Preppers Flock To Bitcoin As It Surges Past $8000

Once upon a time preppers would hoard gold and silver in anticipation of the meltdown of society, but now Bitcoin is becoming the alternative currency of choice for many in the prepping community.  On Monday, Bitcoin hit an all-time record high as it surged past $8,200, and it has now gone up nearly 50 percent in just the last eight days.  As I have admitted previously, one of my great regrets is not investing in Bitcoin when it first started, because we have never seen a meteoric rise quite like this.  Bitcoin hit the $5,000 mark for the very first time just over a month ago, it is up more than 700 percent so far this year, and it is up almost 40,000 percent over the past five years.  At this point Bitcoin has a market cap of over 130 billion dollars, and many believe that this is just the beginning…….Read More

The Bitcoin Revolution Will Change Your Life


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Bitcoin is ‘the greatest technology since the internet’

R.T –  Fiat currencies will no longer be in use in five year’s time as they are to be replaced by cryptocurrencies, according to American venture capital investor Tim Draper who has 30,000 bitcoins in his digital wallet. At the WebSummit conference in Lisbon, Portugal, he told Forbes the fiat system will eventually disappear as people look toward coins like bitcoin or ethereum. He says its because fiat currencies are bound by country borders. “In five years, if you try to use fiat currency they will laugh at you. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be so relevant … there will be no reason to have the fiat currencies,” he said. An unabashed promoter of cryptocurrencies, Draper said he fell in love with bitcoin not long after it was introduced in 2009. He bought 30,000 coins in 2014 (at about $600 each); they are now valued at over $214 million. “This is the greatest technology since the internet,’’ said the investor. Continue reading “Bitcoin is ‘the greatest technology since the internet’”

Saudi Arabia becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot

9CDA376E-6AB3-41C0-A4DE-C6FB6A14CD19.jpegA humanoid robot took the stage at the Future Investment Initiative yesterday and had an amusing exchange with the host to the delight of hundreds of delegates. Smartphones were held aloft as Sophia, a robot designed by Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics, gave a presentation that demonstrated her capacity for human expression……Read More 

North Korea announce plan for HUGE nuclear test – USA on alert

1592C707-9E28-49CC-905F-5A2C0CC79C09.jpegNorth Korean official: Nuclear test over should be taken literally North Korea has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons to destroy America and has now announced plans to carry out a provocative new test. A senior diplomat from Pyongyang today said warnings of a possible atmospheric nuclear test over the Pacific Ocean should be taken “literally”. The official told CNN the threat by the hermit state’s despot Kim Jong-un should not be taken lightly…….. Read More

ANCIENT HISTORY 5 underwater discoveries that will make your Jaw drop

A34EA00B-247B-46E3-A109-FD38C9D1FB6DOur planet is full of mysteries, and our oceans play a very important role on our planet. Though about 97% of Earth’s water is in the form of oceans, these oceans are shallow compared to the Earth’s radius– just a couple miles deep. However, Earth’s oceans keep countless secrets beneath their surface and in this article, we’ve decided to take a look at some of them……. Read More 

Brazil Considers Plan To Feed Low-Income Children “Human Pet Food”

51389D7F-2723-4BB4-877C-CCE23C3D6273.jpegA new, controversial plan to feed low-income children and adults in São Paulo with powder pellets made from nearly expired food has drawn the ire of critics, who have called the product “human pet food.” The plan was first announced last Wednesday by , the “Donald Trump of Brazil” and mayor of Brazil’s largest city, who compared the pellets – called “farinata” — to “astronaut food” and asserted that their incorporation into the diets of low-income citizens and schoolchildren …… Read More