California is set to scorch in 118 degree heat as blistering heatwave finally peaks before Hurricane Kay pounds southern tip: Fears power grid could COLLAPSE and four killed in wildfires

62131217-11186651-Firefighters_Tuesday_September_6_in_Hermet_California_attempt_to-m-46_1662498622169California is set to scorch in 118F heat as the heatwave crippling the state peaks before a hurricane moves in. Temperatures are expected to rocket in parts of the Central Valley while the capital city Sacramento could hit 15F. Furthermore, at least four people have died and thousands more have been ordered to flee as a rapidly spreading wildfires ravages the region. Meteorologists say Californians should expect no reprieve from the intense weather until late this week. But the Golden State is not only contending with the heat this week.

To add another element to the mix, southern California, just above and including the Mexican state of Baja California, are expected to be pounded by Hurricane Kay all week as well.

The extreme weather began with the Fairview fire, which has spread rapidly and forced the evacuation of 3,000 homes and counting.

The blaze was reportedly ‘spreading very quickly’ before the fire department even arrived on the scene, according to a local department spokesperson.

The perpetual drought that impacts the region has created ideal conditions for a fire to spread rapidly, which it has, as firefighters continue to fight the blaze. Over Labor Day Weekend, 4,400 firefighters battled 14 large fires.

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