World’s Largest Cricket Factory To Open On Canada-US Border, Peddling Globalist’s ‘Protein Of The Future’ on American Food Markets

IMG_5380-1068x601Over the last few years, globalists and like-minded governments and activists have insisted that in order to combat impending climate disaster, among other things, society must begin to transition away from meat and toward protein alternatives. The World Economic Forum has been a major sponsor of this movement, publishing numerous articles urgently calling for mankind to exchange their normal proteins with insects. According to the WEF, “we’ve been conditioned to think of animals and plants as our primary sources of proteins.”

In their most recent article, “5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change,” which is a part of the WEF’s 2022 Davos Agenda, the group argues that the world is running out of protein to keep up with the increase in population.

“By 2050, the earth will have nearly 10 billion people. The demand for protein will exceed our ability to procure it,” they claim. “For our long-term survival, we’re going to need to increase our food output and decrease our carbon emissions at the same time. The answer requires real innovation about food production and what we think about food.”

The solution, they insist, is not only to move away from supposedly climate-damaging livestock but also plants as a food source, because they “require land and machinery use, water use, manufacturing, processing, and transportation, among other matters — all, during which, carbon is emitted.”

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